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Nadhege Ptah is a one-of-a-kind artist with a truly diverse background. As an award-winning actor, writer, producer, director, and dancer, she had the unique opportunity to experiment with various media and create a diverse portfolio of astonishing creative works across different forms of expression and platforms. Whether it's a dance choreography, a visual project, or some of her acting work, it's pertinent for Nadhege to tell compelling stories that depict the human condition to connect with the audience.


Her outstanding work was acknowledged and praised in her teens by The United Nations, marking the utmost importance of her artistic contribution to the world. Television audiences might recognize Nadhege due to her recent appearances as a reoccurring co-star on the SHOWTIME television series City On a Hill. Also, starring as the lead in her produced films, appearing on major networks such as CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX, only to mention a few.


Her performances have been well received, with critical praise appearing on globally-recognized publications, including The Huffington Post,, Backstage, Amsterdam News, and many other outlets. What makes Nadhege's performances unique is that her work feels authentic and inspiring, with the deeper goal of portraying the human experience's truth and exploring its depth and nuances.


Award-Winning Actress + Writer + Producer + Director + Dancer = Creative Light In Motion; As Seen In: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, SHOWTIME

Sister D. Tina Batten is an anointed woman of God who is on the battlefield for the Lord!  From leading the choir, to performing with local San Diego Gospel groups and choirs, Sister Batten realized she was in training even before she knew the divine purpose the Lord had for her life. With hard work, diligence, and the help of their parents obtaining government grants, a local community dance center in the Bronx, New York was transformed into a safe haven for youth aging from 6 to 18 years of age. 


Sister Batten is a visionary, writer and producer of such dramatic Gospel productions and stage plays such as the well known Second Chance stage play Trilogy: Second Chance I, II and Second Chance III.  She successfully orchestrated and originated the very 1st Women of The Gospel Interactive Dinner Show which was another hit in 2002 and had Brent Jones, TP Mobb and Mass Choir performing for the first time in concert all on the same stage in 2006 during her Giving Thanks to JESUS Memorial weekend Gospel Jam.


Founder and President of Sister Batten Productions

Carl Gilliard hails from Chicago/Detroit and is a veteran actor, director, marketer and producer. As an actor, Carl has appeared in dozens of theatrical plays mesmerizing audiences with his trademark baritone voice and fearless character portrayals. “INCEPTION”,” COACH CARTER”, “RED EYE”, “CONTAC”T, “HOUSE M.D “& “24” are just a few of Carls notable film and television appearances. Through Carl’s various experiences in film, television & theatre, he is quickly forging his niche as a Producer with keen discernment for developing and discovering new screenplays by new and exciting writers. He produced the Pan African Audience Award winning feature “Retiring Tatiana”, “Section 8” (he also directed), “Applause For Miss E” & “Peaches”…all of which are available on DVD, the play “Steel Magnolias”, Dr. Gloria Morrow’s “The Things That Make Men Cry”, the 2014 NAACP Theater Festival and has consulted on numerous feature films and shorts.


Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, Educator, Entertainment Consultant 

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