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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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Acy Brown is a world-renowned print and commercial model and fitness guru, with 15+ years of experience in the industry. Brown is committed and on a mission to inspire others to believe in the power of their dreams while living a ‘health is wealth’ lifestyle.

Acy Brown is the founder of Acy Brown LLC, an athleisure brand company that helps promote health and wellness to persons of all ages and backgrounds.

His clients include:

  • CEOs of Major Organizations

  • Public Relations Specialists/Professional Photographers

  • NCAA Athletes

  • Business Managers and Administrators

  • High School Coaches

  • Family and Friends

The cornerstones of the Acy Brown Company are comprised of 3 main components: The Man•The Model•The Mission. The Man himself is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Model, Actor, Fitness Influencer, and Brand Ambassador. His greatest attributes are his attention to detail, having the ability to focus during adversity, displaying expertise in chosen areas of interest, and versatility!

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