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Five Minutes with Ms. Virginia of Ben's Chilli Bowl

At Ben’s Chili Bowl, everyone’s Family. since Ben and Virginia Ali first opened the doors in 1958, Ben’s Chili Bowl has been a pillar of the Washington DC community. Although U Street has seen many changes over the decades, our steadfast commitment to our guests remains the same. We welcome our regulars as well as those visiting from across the country and around the world.

Five Minutes with

Ms. Virginia

By Tony Smith

Ben's Chilli Bowl owner Virginia Ali and Indie Incognito publisher Tony Smith

My fiancé and I recently had a trip back to my home town of Washington DC. Seeing my old stomping grounds is always special to me. As we drove along the U street corridor, I pointed out Ben’s Chilli Bowl. She had heard about it but did not know about it. As soon as we walked in to the counter, we both simply inhaled the aroma, embraced the friendly vibe, and said “ Let’s Eat”.

Now 87 years old, she told me how she started the restaurant with her husband Ben when she was only 24.

World Famous Ben's Chilli Bowl is totally presidential

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