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About Indie Incognito

Indie Incognito magazine is a music, fashion, art, film, and business culture publication designed for a sophisticated and  informed audience. Among the near-infinite world of indie magazines, Indie Incognito stands apart by giving a voice and exposure to the new and established talent and entrepreneurs found around the world. Indie Incognito magazine has a special appeal to discerning readers who love music, fashion, art, design, and are business-minded. 

Publisher /Editor-In-Chief
Tony Smith

Tony Smith is the former publisher of Minorities and Women In Business magazine. He is also founder of Kase Qtr Productions.

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Director / Photography
Donnell Spencer, Jr

Donnell Spencer, Jr is a world class drummer, producer and singer. His passion for photography has garnered rave reviews.

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Editor/ Inside The Music
Gail Jhonson

Gail Jhonson is the aptly dubbed " First Lady Of Smooth Jazz". She is an artist, teacher, philanthropist and interviewer.

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Our Creative Founders.

Indie Incognito magazine's creative team, all exemplify the Indie Incognito mantra. We are about All Things Indie. In our respective careers, we have to go boots on the ground, stay on our grind and make things happen.

Together, from publishing to teaching to photography, Tony Donnell and Gail brings true creativity, excitement and attention to detail.

We are committed to bringing you issue after issue of the best Indie Incognito Magazine has to offer.

Our Editorial Team

Keyanna Harper

Associate Editor | All Indie

Dominque Jones

Contributing Editor | Wellness

Paulette Jackson

Contributing Editor | Opinion

Jo-Lynne Herbert

Contributing Editor | Sound Off

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