I – Income. Indie business owners define and generate wealth on their own terms.

N – Newsworthy. Indie business owners create "buzz" as they simultaneously pursue their passions, help others and support themselves and their families.

D – Destiny. Indie business owners don't rely on traditional means of income to define, create and control their destinies. Often, they are women with children who use their business to create a legacy for their children.

I – Independence. Indie business owners are true entrepreneurs — creating something out of nothing. They are completely independent of mainstream ideas about what constitutes a successful entrepreneur.

E – Equity. Indie business owners own the equity in their ventures, and this equity ownership distinguishes them from businesses that are owned or controlled by third parties.

From Idea to Startup: A Guide for Hopeful Entrepreneurs.

All businesses begin as a spark - a small, partially formed idea kicking around in someone's head. If you're nurturing a spark, however, it can be pretty challenging to figure out how, exactly, to turn that idea into something more. Fortunately, there are some tried and true paths from initial concept to start-up to established business. Here are some resources that can help you achieve your business goals:

SBA. Small Business Administration

SBC. Small Business Community Consultants



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